A vicarious trauma curriculum designed to address and reduce the secondary traumatic stress for victim advocates, social workers, case managers and other first responders.


This ground-breaking curriculum was developed at Boston’s  Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (a Harvard Medical School affiliate), by Resilience Works’ founders, in collaboration with community-based colleagues.

AESP established an innovative and unique response to the challenges of work trauma exposure in the victim services sector. AESP provides a program for victim advocates to come together, share experiences and develop strategies through a collaborative and data-driven eight-session group curriculum. In addition to proscribed skills development, experiential exercises include drawing, writing, meditation, and music. Together, participants develop a space where they can express the struggles and rewards of work while increasing their connections and strengthening resilience.The AESP curriculum has been delivered to juvenile justice centers, legal services, child services and nursing agencies, among others.