Team Support


Over many years, Resilience Works has discovered—and re-discovered—the power of healthy teamwork. Let us show you its impact.

Sharing tasks and resources, generating bigger and better ideas, and increased collaboration with colleagues, are just a few of the benefits of good teamwork.

We intentionally design our trainings as opportunities for learning as well as team-building and future planning. Positive shared experiences foster new relationships, strengthen old ones, improve communication and expand avenues for mutual support.


“They have tirelessly shared their wisdom, experience, and research with us with the goal of helping our team to grow individually, develop new skills and understanding of VT, and to be a healthy and open, yet still professionally boundaried, team.”
—Tracey A. McHugh, LICSW, Clinical Director, Voices Against Violence


If you have questions, Resilience Works can help you find the answers:

  • Where do we start to strengthen our team?
  • Which individual and group characteristics contribute to successful teamwork?
  • Which characteristics detract from a cohesive team?
  • Do we need guidance on how we communicate, (i.e.,  recommendations for successful conflict resolution and how to improve transparency)
  • How do we shift our team culture to improve overall morale?