Organizational Consultation


To become more trauma-informed, Resilience Works provide customized consultation and training to leadership and staff in a variety of work settings.

These may include: 

  • Organizational assessment
  • Training
  • Policy development and program review

Learn more about our AIR model and read below for detailed examples of work we have done.


“Through a full-day retreat, our staff was provided with a rich opportunity to acknowledge, better understand and more effectively address the impact of our work both individually and organizationally.”
—Susan Goldfarb, Director, Suffolk County Child Advocacy Center


Legal services, Legal aid, Pro-bono attorneys

Trauma exposure is experienced by staff attorneys, legal services organizations, and other legal aid offices.

Many have hired Resilience Works to run day-long retreats, trainings, and customized, short-term events that increase knowledge around trauma, build resilience, and improve team support.

Domestic violence programs

Following staff training on trauma-informed care and resilience, Leadership will frequently request additional intensive consultation.

A recent project involved all levels of staff, administration, clients and shelter residents, reviewed and revised shelter policies and integrate trauma-informed principles.

Shelters for homeless families

In the Boston-area, a request for training became an opportunity to support a new executive director in surveying staff on training and supervisory needs, and strengthening trauma-informed practices.

Using an online tool, Resilience Works was able to assess the staff needs, and to plan for leadership and staff trainings on trauma and vicarious trauma-informed services and resilience.

Further, Resilience Works offered support and guidance regarding an onsite critical incident and advice on shelter practices.

Children’s advocacy centers 

Recognizing that a single day retreat provided to staff working with traumatized children was insufficient for maintaining wellness, the director requested that a monthly consultation group be available. 

These on-going monthly sessions continue to provide the opportunity to integrate resilience practices into work and life.


“It’s helpful for me to learn about vicarious trauma, how it manifests, and how to cope and avoid burnout. I’ve really benefited from learning about concrete skills and strategies.”
—Staff member, Suffolk County Child Advocacy Center


At Resilience Works we understand that a positive, energized, committed and resilient staff is essential to productivity and functionality.

We will help you maintain a cohesive team of dedicated professionals, in a workplace that offers structural support and a positive environment.

Let Resilience Works help you to create a calm, fluid, environment by

  • Attending to the needs of your staff
  • creating Intentional programs
  • developing practices that help to Retain your staff

Resilience Works will help you to achieve AIR (Attention/Intention/Retention).