At Resilience Works, we offer concrete and evidence-informed resources and training to address the needs of trauma-exposed workplaces. 
Staff at all levels will benefit from training that is designed to provoke thoughtful discussion, embed practical skills, and, ultimately, integrate information about trauma/vicarious trauma into sustainable practices.


“[Your presentation] really is a brilliant piece. As you know, when working with those affected by trauma, the way the material is presented is as important as the information itself. The message is “we can do this work together and we can be okay.”
—Barbara Einsohn MS, IMH-E®, Infant/Early Childhood Consultant, Dallas, TX


Training topics

Building staff knowledge & skills to deliver services to clients: 

  • Defining primary and vicarious trauma and their manifestations
  • What is psychological trauma? 
  • The neurobiology of trauma
  • Domestic violence 
  • The ultimate loss: Homicide bereavement  
  • How to apply “psychological first aid”                                        
  • Establishing professional boundaries
  • Connecting with the meaningfulness of the work
  • Its all in your head: mindfulness in the workplace
  • Harvesting the rewards: vicarious resilience & compassion satisfaction

 Leadership tools:

  • Integrating trauma-informed principles into your workplace
  • Building resilience for you, your staff and organization
  • Accessing and delivering trauma-informed services
  • How to develop trauma-informed supervisory relationships
  • Collective crisis/collective healing: helping staff recover from a critical incident
  • Developing a crisis response team for your agency