Advocate Education and Support Project (AESP)

A vicarious trauma curriculum designed to address and reduce the secondary traumatic stress for victim advocates, social workers, case managers and other first responders.

Vicarious Trauma Toolkit

The Vicarious Trauma Toolkit (VTT) is a free, online toolkit of evidence-informed and best practice research and resources for first responder organizations.


“Katherine Manners and Lisa Tieszen were integral at all stages—creation, dissemination, training/technical assistance—of the Vicarious Trauma Toolkit (VTT) project. Their expertise on vicarious trauma and its impact on advocates and others who work with traumatized populations consistently informed the close to 500 evidence-informed tools selected, including new tools created by them and the rest of our team. They each worked closely with organizations seeking to become vicarious trauma-informed. Since the release of the VTT website in April, 2017, they have been all over the country conducting training workshops and spreading the word about this resource.”  
—Dr. Beth E. Molnar, Principal Investigator, Vicarious Trauma Toolkit Project


State Victim Assistance Academy (SVAA) Resource Center

Training and technical assistance consultants for a federally-funded national resource center serving state victim assistance academies.

Narrative Medicine Series

A unique professional development series blends reading, writing and discussion as a means for medical professionals to reflect on exposure to patient trauma.

Organizational Resilience International (ORI)

Senior consultants for ORI, a crisis response and recovery, training and consultation group.

Massachusetts Department of Youth Services (DYS)

Trauma-informed and supportive services to the Department of Youth Services (DYS) employees and supervisors.

Office for Victims of Crime, Training and Technical Assistance Center (OVC-TTAC)

Webinars and on-site trainings to victim services, law enforcement, government and statewide consortiums.